What does Deuteronomy 1:14 Mean?

Deuteronomy 1:14 says, "And you answered me, 'The thing that you have spoken is good for us to do.'"

In this verse, Moses is recounting how he instructed the Israelites to choose wise and experienced leaders, and they responded by agreeing that it was a good idea.

The verse highlights the importance of following wise counsel and heeding the advice of those with experience and knowledge. The Israelites recognized that the selection of wise and experienced leaders was in their best interest and agreed to follow Moses' instruction.

The verse also emphasizes the importance of community involvement in decision-making. The Israelites responded as a group, indicating that they were collectively invested in the process of selecting their leaders and committed to following through with the decision.

Overall, this verse serves as a reminder of the importance of seeking and following wise counsel and involving the community in decision-making processes.

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