Christian Canvas Art

christian art

Add Faith In Your Home By Hanging Beautiful Christian Canvas Art

✝ What could be better than a room warmly decorated with symbols of faith? Bring the love of Jesus into your home with this beautiful collection of Christian canvas art and transform the atmosphere of your home into a place of love and joy.

 Multi Panel Size Chart


multi panel size

SMALL: 10x15cm(2pcs) - 10x20cm(2pcs) - 10x25cm(1pcs)

MEDIUM: 20x30cm(2pcs) - 20x40cm(2pcs) - 20x50cm(1pcs)

BIG: 30x40cm(2pcs) - 30x60cm(2pcs) - 30x80cm(1pcs)

XL: 40x60cm(2pcs) - 40x80cm(2pcs) - 40x100cm(1pcs)

⚠ With Frame: means the painting has been stretched on a wood frame, ready to hang!
No Frame: means canvas only with a 4 cm extra white space for framing


Bring Also Faith Into Your Vehicle

Decorate the interior of your vehicle with our Cross for car collection. Keep Jesus in your heart on your way to work, shopping, or vacation by hanging a beautiful Christian decoration.