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✝️ In a world plagued with terror, suffering, disasters, and all sort of crises, here we help people transition from pain to purpose. From suffering to reprieve. From a dark tunnel to a bright and shining place.

We believe that together we can make the world a better place. This is why each order you place is eligible for a donation to a charity of your choice!

With more than 5'000 happy customers in 2019, we spread the faith and the teachings of Jesus ❤.

Each order is eligible for 5% donation

The Salvation Army serves more than 58.4 million meals per year and provides 10.8 million nights of shelter per year in the USA.

They Trust Us


Donate For What You Stand For!✊🏻

We give a percentage of each of your purchases to a cause that really matter to you!

You can choose from hundreds of Christian charities and we make a donation at no extra cost to you, directly after your purchase.

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