Christian Sweatshirts

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Wear Your Faith With Confidence With Our Christian Sweatshirts

Made from soft and comfortable fabric find our collection of Christian sweatshirts printed with inspirational words or Bible verses to spread the love of Jesus all around you! 

A way to stand out and spread the Christian faith, our clothing is carefully selected to offer you the most beautiful designs and the most inspiring words that will undoubtedly impact those around you. Made with high quality digital printing, the designs are printed directly on the fabric, giving a neat effect that will last over time.

Trade In Your Old Clothes For A Faith Based Sweatshirt

Our sweatshirt collection is a modern and humorous way to spread the word of God through clothing. You will have a unique look that reflects your personality and values by wearing one of these great Christian crewneck sweatshirts.

Whether you wear a fancy design or a bible verse, your brand new religious sweatshirt will be an eye-catcher and a great opportunity to tell strangers about your faith by explaining the meaning of the phrase or design!

Sweatshirt Size Chart


Width (inch)

Length (inch)

S 16.54 25.20
M 17.32 25.98
L 18.11 26.77
XL 18.90 27.56
XXL 19.69 28.35
XXXL 20.47 29.13

* We recommend one size larger If you prefer to wear loose clothing
christian sweatshirt sizing chart

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