Christian jewelry with scripture

Bible verse bracelets are a meaningful symbol of faith

✝ Remember the greatness of God by wearing a bible verse bracelet. Each of these bracelets with Bible verses on them is a powerful symbol to encourage you in your faith.

Engraved with the word of God, you will be able to spread the faith around you and make others discover the Christian religion thanks to a meaningful message that testifies to your encounter with God.

Choose the Scripture Bracelet that Means the Most to You 

Made of different materials, they are all very comfortable to wear in everyday life.

Raise your faith every time you look at your wrist, these bracelets with scripture verses will always be with you when you need faith and in difficult times.
They are a reminder of the Holy Spirit and God's love for you! 🙏

Bible Verse Leather Wrap Bracelet
Made of genuine leather, very soft for the skin and adjustable to fit every believer's wrist. The bible verse is finely engraved on a stainless steel plate.

Stainless Steel Bible Verse Bracelets
The most popular design, with a neat look; feel God's word with inspirational scriptures whenever you go.

Bible Verse Cuff Bracelet
The cuff bracelet is a great way to remind you of great verses, you can wear several pieces at the same time.

Silicone Bible Verse Bracelets
Comfortable and stretched they fit perfectly with any outfit and they can be worn for all activities.

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