Cross Bead Bracelets

The Joy of Being a Christian by Wearing a Cross Bead Bracelet!

Discover this beautiful collection of cross bead bracelets made with high-quality beads and stones. 

Choose from a wide variety of beaded cross bracelets each adorned with the symbol of the cross.

Lava Bead Cross Bracelet

Designed with lava beads, it gives a beautiful natural look to your wrist. Highlighted by the symbol of the cross, it will represent your faith.

Stone Bead Cross Bracelet

Made of natural stones, express your convictions with a touch of elegance.

Wooden Bead Cross Bracelet

Wooden beads are very gentle on the skin and this is certainly the most classic look for a bead bracelet.

A Unique Christian Jewel to Wear Every Day!

Wear a reminder of the Lord Jesus Christ with the joy of being Christian. The cross bead bracelet is very discreet and fits perfectly with any outfit.

For both men and women, discover Christian necklaces to symbolize your commitment to the faith!