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Signs of the Holy Spirit in You

5 Signs of the Holy Spirit in You

God accomplishes His work on earth through the Holy Spirit and also renews our hearts through the same Spirit. Discover 5 Signs That You Are Filled With the Holy Spirit...
What Does Isaiah 43:2 Mean?

What Does Isaiah 43:2 Mean?

God knows that in this world we will face many trials but throughout His Word, He has given us encouragement and comfort. One of the Bible verses that He uses to comfort us is Isaiah 43:2. Discover in this article the meaning of this verse...

How Does God Reveal His Will To Us?

How Does God Reveal His Will To Us?

The success of a Christian is measured by his degree of obedience to the Word and thus to the will of God. Discover in this article how does God reveal is will to us and why it's important...
proverbs 16 9 meaning

What Does Proverbs 16:9 Mean?

One of the most commonly used passages in biblical studies is Proverbs 16:9Why? What is its meaning? How important is it? 🤔

Let's discover this in this article...

Jesus crucifixion

The Crucifixion of Jesus

In this article we will talk about the crucifixion of Christ: because it happened, who did it, the consequences that the death of Christ had for Israel, the world and other details ✝️.
jesus died for our sins

Jesus Died For Our Sins: What Does It Mean?

What does the Bible say about sin? Christ died for my sin? How can I be saved? Here we will answer this and many other questions.

there is power in the name of jesus

There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus!

All at the mention of the Name of Jesus, millions of songs have been written, incurable diseases have been healed, needs have been met, impossible situations resolved and the oppressed have been set free.
How does God speak to us

How Does God Speak To Us?

How Does God Speak To Us? God speaks through His Word and in many other ways. Discover in this article 7 ways through which God speaks to us and how to listen to him.

confidence in christ

Good Reasons To Have Confidence in Jesus Christ

When we accept Christ as Lord over our lives, we live better lives full of the abundance of God. We have eternal life, and we can look forward to an eternity with God, Read more...
Meaning of The Last Supper

Meaning of The Last Supper

🍞🍷 Meaning of The Last Supper, discover the last meal of the Lord Jesus Christ before His crucifixion, the words to His disciples and what we can learn.

calvary hill where jesus died

Calvary Hill: The Place Where Jesus Was Crucified

Discover in this article Calvary Hill,also called "The Place of the Skull" where Jesus was crucified.
Jesus Christ Crown of Thorns

Jesus Christ: The Meaning and Significance of the Crown of Thorns

Discover everything about the Crown of Thorns that Jesus wore for the crucifixion. The crown of thorns is one of the key features we remember when we think about his crucifixion.

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