10 Best Christian Biography Books

10 Best Christian Biography Books

Why do we choose to read about the lives of other people? Perhaps it’s because as human beings we have an insatiable curiosity to discover what other people think and feel. When it comes to navigating a life, we are all novices, and we can learn much by reading about the lives of others. Of course it’s not just reading about the triumphs of a lifetime, which can inspire us, the mistakes and the tragedies of life are perhaps even more instructive. When  we consider the biography of a Christian we are looking at the successes and failures of a life in an entirely different way: we are looking at the way in which God supports and sustains those who have faith. When we read a Christian biography it goes way beyond entertainment, for with the best Christian biographies, we are uplifted, brought closer to God, inspired. Here are ten biographies about Christians from all walks of life, some may appeal to your personal interests more than others, but all of them bear witness to the glory of God.

1) The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

Widely regarded as a Christian classic, this uplifting and inspirational biography tells the story of how God’s love overcame the horror of Nazism and brought healing and restoration. Corrie Ten Boom was a 48 year old watchmaker when the Nazis invaded Holland. She and her family built a secret hideout in their home and for four years, despite immense personal risk, they gave shelter to Jews and resistance fighters. Eventually they were betrayed by an informer, arrested and sent to a concentration camp. Corrie survived by what she described as a ‘miracle’ and went on to found a rehabilitation center for holocaust survivors. One of the most remarkable evangelists of the twentieth century, Corrie devoted the rest of her life to a global ministry which focussed on the power of forgiveness. Despite everything, Corrie and her family had a complete trust in God and it was this absolute faith that led them to do what they did. This is a book which so many have found genuinely, life changing. View on Amazon

2) Seeking Allah Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi

Most of us come to God through our family or upbringing or as a result of the people we meet, but consider the courage required to break with the faith into which you were raised, to reject the faith of your parents and recognise the one true God.  Nabeel Qureshi tells the story of how he found Jesus, despite being raised in a Muslim home. His book seeks to break down the walls of prejudice that stand between two of the world’s major religions, by giving non Muslim readers an insight into the heart and mind of a follower of Islam.He debates the case for the Gospel verses that of Islam and he describes the inner struggle of a Muslim coming to terms with the undeniable truth of the Gospel. View on Amazon




3) Wrestling For My Life by Shawn Michaels

Four times world champion and regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, Shawn Michaels was born again as a Christian in 2004. When, at the height of his fame, he became a committed Christian, he learned what it meant to be a man of faith in a brutal show business world. His book talks of the power of self discipline; the importance of finding a true mentor and the freedom that can be found in true forgiveness. This is not a biography in which the focus, as one might expect, is on Shawn Michaels’ wrestling career. This is a book which takes a long, considered look at what he has done, both good and bad, and without sensationalism it illuminates how faith has changed his life. View on Amazon



4) Taken at Birth: Stolen Babies, Hidden Lies, and My Journey to Finding Home by Jane Blasio

It is almost beyond belief that over a period of 20 years, around 200 babies were sold out of the back door of the Hicks Clinic in Georgia. Jane Blasio discovered that she was adopted at the age of 6. At 14 she saw her birth certificate and so began a personal search which lasted decades, as Jane slowly uncovered her origins and her part as a victim of human trafficking. Jane became a Christian when she was 21 but when her story became national news in 1997 she walked away from God for 14 years. Today ‘she sees her past as a testament to God’s faithfulness and protection.’ Many, many readers have found this book both heartbreaking and heartwarming. ‘ It’s about people who are put in your life for lessons and love.’ View on Amazon




5) All my Knotted Up Life by Beth Moore

Beth Moore is known to millions of Christians through her radio show, YouTube channel and best selling Bible studies and novels. President of the Living Proof Ministries, a Christian organization which she founded with the aim of helping women to get closer to Jesus, she is often referred to as ‘the most prominent white evangelical woman in America’. What she gives us here is an intensely honest account of the struggles she has faced in her childhood, love, marriage and motherhood. ‘ She is shattering the misconceptions that we unintentionally hold that our spiritual leaders must have a perfect and flawless background’. This autobiography has garnered over 2,000 five star reviews from enthusiastic readers, many of them saying that it ‘took my respect and appreciation for her to a whole new level’. Above all, her resilience and survival are a reminder of God’s enduring faithfulness. View on Amazon



6) Even in Our Darkness by Jack Deere

‘Deere was born the child of drinkers and drifters. Suicide and substance abuse, violence  and anger, were the fabric of his life.’ Yet despite the chaos of his upbringing, by his mid twenties, Jack Deere had achieved fame and success as a scholar, theologian, public speaker and best selling author. In the years that followed he lost his son to suicide and his wife to alcholism. ‘Only then did he fully face his own addictions, surrender control and experience true healing.’ The story of his life, told with brutal honesty, is both heart wrenching and heart healing. His unforgettable, hope-filled book, is one that may very well change your life. View on Amazon



7) Wake Up With Purpose by Sister Jean with Seth Davis


Subtitled ‘What I’ve learned in my first 100 years’ this book gives us the life lessons of a great Christian and a national treasure. Written in collaboration with Seth Davis, an award winning writer, broadcaster and New York Times best selling author, here is the priceless wisdom and spiritual teaching of a woman who has devoted her extraordinarily long and active life to the service of God. Sister Jean taught at a Catholic school during the Second World War, a Chicago college campus in the sixties and was always to be seen on the sidelines at the Loyola Ramblers basketball games. An extraordinary account of an extraordinary woman and her relationship with God. View on Amazon




8) The Bowden Dynasty: A Story of Faith, Family & Football by Charlie Barnes and Bobby Bowden

From 1987-2000, the Florida State Seminoles had 14 consecutive  ten-win, top five seasons. Their coach during this astonishing period was Bobby Bowden, but despite this incredible sporting success Bobby Bowden never lost sight of his priorities, so take another look at that subtitle: ‘Faith, Family and Football’ and it’s clear that God’s guidance is the most important part of this story. You may be drawn to this book because you love football but as you read it you’ll come to see that this is a story of God’s Love. View on Amazon





9) Surprised by Joy by C S Lewis

Known to millions as the author of the ever popular Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis is widely recognised as one of the giants of Christian Literature. This repacked edition of his autobiography takes us on a journey from his childhood and education in a Belfast boarding school, on to his youthful atheism and experiences in World War One, to his brilliant academic career at Oxford, where he became ‘ the most dejected and reluctant convert in all of England.’ Rigorously intellectual, Lewis talks us through the workings of his mind as he grapples with the uncertainties of politics, morality and faith. A fascinating account of the journey to faith by one of the most influential Christian writers of the 20th century. View on Amazon




10) Timothy Keller: His Spiritual and Intellectual Formation by Collin Hansen

Timothy Keller passed away in May of 2023 but his influence on millions of Christians is a legacy which makes him one of the most important Church leaders of the 21st century. Collin Hansen takes a detailed look at the events and people which shaped the spiritual growth of Timothy Keller. This book will help you understand how Keller was able to synthesize such a vast range of influences into a coherent ministry. Hansen shows us the historical, theological and cultural perspectives which Keller brought into play to face the challenges of faith in the 21st century. This is rigorous faith, ‘a Christianity that is not simply shallow and emotional but one that engages the mind as well as the heart.’ View on Amazon



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