10 Best Christian Science Fiction Books

10 Best Christian Science Fiction Books

Christian Science Fiction is a much under appreciated genre. A popular form of Science Fiction is Dystopian fiction, which necessarily depicts a future in which Christianity is absent and therefore it provides a natural narrative framework within which to explore Christian themes. Within Christian Science Fiction you’ll find a range of approaches, in some narratives the Christian themes are explicit while in others, Christian themes are implied. Of course not all Christian Science Fiction writers adhere to an identical theology; the genre may challenge your beliefs but it can also provide profound insights into the nature of your faith. If you enjoy Science Fiction and you want to explore how faith operates in an unfamiliar setting then you are in for a treat because there’s a lot of great Christian Science Fiction out there and there are talented new Christian writers coming along all the time.

1) Left Behind by Tim Lahaye


This is Book 1 in a 12 book series that has sold over 63 million copies and it has been described as ‘the most successful Christian series ever’ combining ‘Tom Clancy-like suspense with touches of romance, high tech flash, and biblical references.’ Dr Tim Lahaye, as well as being an author, is a minister and nationally recognised authority on Bible prophecy. Dr. Lahaye holds a ministry degree and a doctor of literature degree and he has been a pastor for over 25 years; he has written over 50 non-fiction books and co-authored 25 fiction books. His co-author on this series is Jerry B Jenkins, who has more than 195 books to his credit, with sales over 70 million.

‘Left Behind’ portrays the events which follow the rapture and the 7 year period, known as the tribulation, which follows. Mass disappearances are followed by political and economic crises, global epidemics and environmental catastrophe and for those left behind, the apocalypse has only just begun. View on Amazon


2) Out of the Silent Planet by C.S Lewis


For many Christians, C.S. Lewis is the father of Christian Science Fiction. Most well known for his Christian allegory ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ C.S. Lewis held the chair of Medieval and Renaissance English at Cambridge University and was the author of more than 30 books. Written during World War Two, ‘Out of the Silent Planet’ is the first volume of a science fiction trilogy. Doctor Ransom is abducted by an alien spaceship and taken to Mars as a human sacrifice, what follows is a suspenseful battle between good and evil. Lewis’ work operates as allegory and according to a reviewer ‘ he manages to incorporate humanist and spiritual themes through the use of fantastic characters in a scientific setting.’ Naturally, the narrative has something of an ‘old’ feel to it but plenty of contemporary readers still find this classic of Christian Science Fiction, very rewarding. View on Amazon


3) The Firebird Trilogy by Kathy Tyers

This is the first novel in a series which eventually ran to five books. Kathy Tyers is perhaps best known for her ‘Star Wars Expanded Universe’ novels; she has described her speculative fiction as being ‘intended to function like a parable’. ‘The Firebird Trilogy’ is a fast paced story with strong Christian values, which is appropriate for teenagers as well as being engaging for adults. It has been described as ‘science fiction at its best with characters and actions that will send your mind spinning.’ View on Amazon 





4) The Shadow and Night by Chris Walley

Book 1 of the ‘Lamb among the Stars’ series this fiction is set 12,000 years in the future when the human race has spread across the galaxy and peace has lasted so long that evil is unknown, however, all that is about to change. A tale that turns stereotypes on their heads and will cause the Christian reader to rethink their perspective on the world, the series has been described as ‘if C.S. Lewis and Tolkien had written Star Wars’. View on Amazon







5) The Oxygen series by John B. Olson and Randy Ingermanson


‘Halfway to the Red Planet, an explosion leaves the four-member crew of the Ares10 with only enough oxygen for one…’  Part Apollo 13, part romantic thriller, this gripping suspense novel, underpinned by a subtle Christian message, won the 2002 Christy Award for best futuristic novel in Christian fiction. View on Amazon






6) The Paradise Protocol by Anna Zogg

Anna Zogg is a writer of science fantasy, time travel and historical fiction and what she gives us here is a Christian Science Fiction romance. Her multifaceted characters, compelling plot and skillful narration make for inspiring and uplifting entertainment with strong Christian values. View on Amazon







7) The Longest Day by Terry Toler

Terry Toler is an award winning author with 17 non fiction books and 23 novels to his credit. He is also a public speaker and counselor and his books are noteworthy for being entirely free from obscene language, explicit sex, horror and gore. ‘The Longest Day’ concerns a lonely space traveler who discovers a perfect world, what follows is an ingenious reworking of the Adam and Eve story. Winner of the 2020 Best Book Award for Religious Fiction, readers describe the book as being ‘so original’ with good character development, thrilling suspense and rich in scientific and biblical fact. View on Amazon



8) Heaven Came Down by Bryan Davis


This is Book 1 of the 4 book Oculus Gate series. Bryan Davis has written several fiction series, perhaps his best known being ‘The Dragons in our Midst’ series. ‘Heaven Came Down’ is set during the chaotic aftermath of an apocalyptic war. Heavenly beings enter selected individuals and turn them into angels. It seems that order will be restored but there is a dark side to these angels…Readers love this well-paced page turner which is described as ‘exciting, clean and wholesome’,with ‘a strong Christian message without being preachy’. View on Amazon




9) The Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker


Ted Dekker is described as ‘a true master of thrillers’; he is a New York Times best-selling author whose books have sold millions of copies world-wide. ‘Dekker’s trilogy is a mythical epic, with a vast, predetermined plot and a scope of staggering proportions’.Readers describe it as an ‘adrenaline epic where dreams and reality collide,’ with a ‘masterfully developed metaphor for the Christian story.’ View on Amazon





10) This Present Darkness Frank Peretti


There is a hideous New Age plot to enslave the human race. ‘The physical world meets the spiritual realm as the battle rages between the forces of good and evil’. Immensely popular with readers ‘This Present Darkness’ has sold more than 2.7 million copies since it was first published. Angels and demons, swords and action, this is a highly dramatic story with an unmistakable Christian message. View on Amazon






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