10 Best Bible Study Books for Women

10 Best Bible Study Books for Women

Critics of Christianity often claim that it’s all too patriarchal, that the Bible is dominated by men and that it excludes the female experience; obviously these people have never read the Bible, because if they did they would know that the Bible is full of the stories of strong women and their struggles. Jesus Christ came down to earth for the salvation of everyone, not just the men, and these ten Bible study books have helped millions of women get closer to God by learning about how the Bible relates to them. There’s no better way to spend your time than to invest in one of these books and let them guide you in your Bible study.

1) The Bible in 52 weeks: A Year Long Bible Study For Women by Dr. Kimberly D. Moore

Dr. Kimberly D Moore is an author, entrepreneur and mentor, who’s been preaching since 1995.She’s senior pastor at Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church and founder and CEO of Kimberly Moore Ministries, a non-profit outreach ministry. There are over 22,000 Amazon reviews of this book and many, many readers have found it a transformative experience. It combines a daily reading program with weekly opportunities to ‘reflect, discuss and explore how God’s wisdom can be applied to your daily life.’ Practical, insightful and spiritually rich, the themed readings have been selected for the way in which they relate to modern women. Unlike many Bible studies, this one works with whichever translation you prefer to use and the interactive questions, journal prompts and prayers can be used individually or in a group setting of any denomination. View on Amazon

2) Strength in the Struggle: A Bible Study Workbook for Women on Letting Go of Fear and Anxiety by Lauren Ibach


A gifted writer and artist, Lauren Ibach’s Christian online shop has been a showcase for her creativity since 2016. This 10-lesson Bible Study workbook for women is all about letting go of fear and anxiety. The workbook is informed by a belief that ‘God’s word has the power and authority to transform lives.’ Each lesson is based on a ‘memory verse’ which is then placed in a historical and biblical context. Readers have found the beautiful hand lettered artwork a real help in memorizing verses. The workbook also includes short commentaries,questions and prayer prompts. ‘She continually directs her readers towards the truth of God’s word and provides many wonderful tools for studying.’ View on Amazon




3) It's All Under Control Bible Study: A 6-Week Guided Journey by Jennifer Dukes Lee

Jennifer Dukes Lee is the author of several best selling books and Bible studies. A former news reporter, she now lives on a fifth generation farm in Iowa. ‘Once upon a time, she didn’t believe in Jesus; now he’s her best friend and CEO.’ This Bible study is a companion resource book to ‘It’s All Under Control’ and takes you on a six-week journey ‘to letting go of the things you can’t control, finding strength to hang on tighter to those you can -- and finally learning how to tell the difference.’ You’ll uncover surprising truths and learn about the five major obstacles that keep us from trusting God and importantly, how to overcome them.  As you move through the workbook you’ll find that you are able to make better decisions about how to spend your time and your money. Full of powerful writing but with a manageable workload this course of study is suitable for both small groups and individuals. View on Amazon



4) The Bible Study Map For Women Compiled by Barbour Staff

‘Faithfulness to the Bible and love for Jesus Christ are the bedrock values behind every book Barbour’s staff produces’ .Barbour publishing produces over 200 Christian titles per year and has over 600 books on Goodreads.  This spiral bound, two color, compact Bible study is an engaging and creative way for you to get closer to God’s word. The prompted sections and selected scripture enable you to work at your own pace and develop Bible study habits which will stay with you for life. View on Amazon





5) Breaking Free: The Journey, The Stories by Beth Moore

American Anglican evangelist,Beth Moore is arguably ‘the most prominent white evangelical woman in America.’President of the Living Proof Ministries, a Christian organization which she founded in 1994 ‘to teach women to know and love Jesus through the study of scripture’,she has sold millions of books and is the host of a popular radio show and YouTube channel. Her Bible study looks at the Book of Isaiah through the lives of the kings and draws comparisons between the captive Israelites  of the Old Testament and the New Testament belief in Jesus as the new Messiah. There is an immediacy and fervor about this text which is perhaps because it was taped live at Franklin avenue Church in New Orleans. The study also includes the moving testimony of women who have found deliverance from personal captivity through the Bible. The study features a leader guide, personal study exercises to complete in between the 11 weeks of group sessions and 10 scripture memory cards. Sixty minute support videos are also available for each session. This study guide has over a thousand five star reviews on Amazon and readers frequently describe the book as life changing. View on Amazon


6) The Bible in a Year - A Guided Scripture Reading Journey for Women by Kandi Gallaty


Kandi Gallaty is a Pastor’s wife and she and her husband lead Replicate Ministries, ‘a ministry that educates and empowers believers to make disciples’. Over the course of a year, this Bible study takes readers from Genesis to Revelation by focussing on key passages at the rate of five days a week, a program based on the 260 day ‘Foundations’ reading plan. There is daily devotional content, interactive questions and Scripture memory challenges. The study uses the HEART journaling method: highlight, explain,apply, respond, truths. This study guide can help you answer questions such as ‘Who do I want to be?’ and ‘How can I grow in godliness?. Very popular with readers, this study guide is described as ‘engaging and easy to keep up with’. View on Amazon


7) Jesus and Women by Kristi McLelland

Kristi McLelland is a professor at Williamson College. She is a biblical culturalist who specializes in teaching the Bible in its historical and cultural context and she has been leading biblical study trips to Israel since 2008.  Kristi takes you back to the world in which Jesus lived and explores the lives of the women who met with him in the first century Middle East. The study includes a leader guide, personal study sections and a glossary of Hebrew and biblical terms. Photographs of Israel, with a commentary on their cultural and historical significance, help the reader situate themselves in the historical past. In addition, there are 7 sixty minute teaching videos which can be accessed with a code. The study opens up the way in which Jesus ‘restored the dignity and honor of women by providing justice and righteousness.’ The study has been met with rave reviews by readers, which are perhaps best summed up by the enthusiastic response of this reader: ‘not your typical Rah Rah you can do this women’s study.’ View on Amazon


8) The Women of the Bible Speak Workbook by Shannon Bream


Former contestant in the Miss America and Miss U.S.A. contests, Shannon Bream is both a journalist and attorney. In 2022 she became the host of the T.V. program Fox News Sunday.  Based on her New York Times number one best seller, this workbook connects the stories of 16 women from the Bible to the modern experience of women. Shannon’s belief is that  ‘Women are central to some of the most critical events, powerful encounters and transformative moments in the Bible. They change the course of history.’ The 16 lesson program challenges you to seek the parallels between each woman’s story and your own. The structured lessons encourage you to reflect, connect, reveal and pray. Readers appreciated the way in which the workbook helped them relate their lives to those of women in the Bible. View on Amazon


9) Twelve Women of the Bible Study Guide: Life-Changing Stories for Women Today by Lysa TerKeurst, Elisa Morgan, Amena Brown, Jonalyn Grace Fincher, Jeanne Stevens, Naomi Zacharias, and Sherry Harne


This Bible study is written by six acclaimed Bible study teachers including Lysa Terkeurst, author of several New York Times best sellers and president of the Proverbs 31 Ministries, an organization which has touched the lives of millions of women. The study takes a close look at ‘raw and revealing stories of frailties, struggles, brokenness, and victories of real women from both the Old and New Testament’. The study enables readers to apply Biblical lessons to their modern day struggles, and have the strength to preserve and overcome rejection and insecurity. Readers draw nearer to God and learn to find contentment in every situation. View on Amazon




10) Surrendered - Letting Go and Living Like Jesus by Barb Roose


Barb Roose is a speaker and author who is ‘passionate about empowering women with strength and dignity through Christ’. She is the author of many books and since 2009 she has made ten mission trips to South America. Her central message is ‘ learn how to surrender like Jesus’.This six week Bible study takes a close look at Jesus’ time in the wilderness and contrasts his time of testing with that of the Israelites’ failure in the wilderness. Underpinning the study are six key principles ‘to help you let God lead you to victory’. 
Recognize you can’t handle it.
Stop following your feelings.
Give up control.
Embrace God’s better blessing.
Let go of fear.
Experience the blessing of a surrendered life.
Reader reviews are very enthusiastic. Tiffany Bluhn, speaker, podcaster and author of ‘She Dreams’ had this to say: ‘ In this study you’ll be learning from a friend who is familiar with the painful parts of life and a guide who has traveled the hard road of surrender. She won’t lead you astray, she’ll lead you straight to the heart of God.’ View on Amazon

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