The 10 Best Bible Study Books

The 10 Best Bible Study Books

There is no substitute for reading your Bible. Christians draw strength and comfort from reading the word of God and as a Christian, the Bible should be your constant companion, however, reading the Bible is not easy. No one should feel ashamed if they find the scope and complexity of the Bible a challenge. The word of God comes to us from down the centuries and there is much that the contemporary reader will find confusing or puzzling. Reading the words is not enough, we need to reflect upon them and let their truth enter our hearts and that is why a good Bible study book can help all of us in our striving to get closer to God. Scholars and experienced teachers can help us find our way through the Bible: helping us to make connections, helping us to reflect and grow. The books in this list are not the only study books that you can use, nor are they in any kind of rank order, but they are all books which many Christians have used to bring them closer to God. We hope that one of these books will help you transform your daily Bible reading into a more enriching experience.

1) The Essence: A Guided Journey of Discovery Through the Bible by John Pasquet

The Essence: A Guided Journey of Discovery through the Bible

Author, John Pasquet grew up in a strong Christian family, he has served as a missionary in Ukraine and for ten years he has been actively involved in ministry to international students, many of whom have never read the Bible before. He describes the book as ‘ a personal guided journey of discovery through some of the most essential passages of scripture’ and he writes in the hope that you will ‘come to know and love both God and His Word much more deeply.’ The book is described by readers as ‘easy to read, engaging and compelling’ and as being written in an accessible conversational style. The book is commended by many readers for making insightful connections between passages and for showing the centrality of Jesus throughout the entire Bible. The author uses modern examples and personal stories to help the contemporary reader understand the text. Many readers have found this to be a very helpful ‘big picture summary.’ View on Amazon


2) Encountering God by Kelly Minter

Encountering God

Daughter of a pastor, Kelly Minter previously enjoyed a successful career as a Christian songwriter and musician; she now focuses her time on being a Christian worship leader and motivational speaker. Her book is an in-depth Bible study guide in seven sessions which include homework. Described as ‘honest and funny’ by enthusiastic readers, the study guide includes questions and journal prompts and practical ways to develop prayer, study, worship, generosity and much more, there are even recipes in the back. View on Amazon  



3) The Bible Study: A One-Year Study of the Bible and How It Relates to You by Zach Windahl

The Bible Study

Zach Windahl is an entrepreneur, author and speaker and is the founder of ‘The Brand Sunday’, a company which creates resources to help people understand the Bible. The two books which cover both the Old and New Testament are described as ‘motivating, straightforward and approachable’. There is both a weekly study guide and a daily guidance with questions to direct inquiry, and inspiring quotations. The books’ layout is colorful and engaging and the approach is one which inspires free thinking. View on Amazon


4) Elijah: Faith and Fire - Bible Study Book by Priscilla Shirer

Faith And Fire Elijah

Daughter of Tony Evans, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, Priscilla Shirer is well-known as a motivational speaker, actor, Christian media personality and evangelist.  Her book is a seven session journey through the life and times of the prophet Elijah and features a leader guide to help with small group discussions and questions as well as personal study segments. In addition, there are articles which support the study. One reader described the book as ‘ an amazing gift for helping me see the story unfold and helping me to navigate through the lord’s teaching.’ Readers have found the book particularly relevant to the stressful world in which we live, describing it as ‘explanatory, knowledgeable’ and provoking ‘soul searching questions’. View on Amazon



5) Experiencing God by Henry T. Blackaby, Richard Blackaby, Mike Blackaby and Claude V. King

Experiencing God

This 30th anniversary edition is a three generational update of the multi million selling original by Henry T Blackaby, founder of the Blackaby Ministries. First published in 1990 and subsequently translated into over 40 languages, this is Henry T Blackaby’s most famous and most influential book. This revised edition offers a 12 session group Bible study, with directions for personal study and codes to enable you to access teaching videos for each session. This expanded edition consists of 70% new material and includes dozens of stories from people who, through this book, have experienced a closer relationship with God. As one reader commented, this book ‘ explores how God reveals his will to us in our everyday lives.’ View on Amazon

6) Bible Guide and Workbook by Brian Gugas

Brian Gugas is a Bible study teacher who has published over sixty books. He says that his mission is ‘to inspire and encourage everyone to read the Bible’.  This workbook provides a study guide and workbook for each of the 66 books in the Bible.  Commended by readers as being ‘easy to follow’, the guide both poses questions and offers insights. View on Amazon



7) Blessed are the Chosen - An Interactive Bible Study by Amanda Jenkins, Dallas Jenkins and Dr. Douglas S. Huffman

Blessed Are The Chosen

This is book 2 of 3 in The Chosen Bible Study Series, based on season 2 of the television show The Chosen, which was directed by Amanda Jenkins’ husband. Before she became a homemaker and mother of four, Amanda worked in sales and marketing for several Christian retailers. For the past 14 years she has taught Bible studies.  This eight lesson Bible study for individuals and small groups is aligned with each episode of the show and aims to bring the Bible to life in an approachable and conversational way.  Using the framework of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount the book takes a closer look at God’s power, character and promises. Lessons are grounded in Scripture but also use pictures, conversational features and guiding questions. Readers found this book ‘enjoyable and easy to study.’ View on Amazon


8) The Bible Recap: A One-Year Guide to Reading and Understanding the Entire Bible by Tara-Leigh Cobble

The Bible Recap
Host of the immensely popular Bible Recap podcast, Tara-Leigh Cobble, who began her career expressing her faith through music, takes her readers through a one-year chronological reading plan which explains Scripture in an easy to understand way. She says,’The primary role of Scripture is to show me who God is, and if I behold God,my life will naturally conform around what I learn about him.’ Readers who struggle with the complexity of the Bible have found this to be a very supportive text which’ explains multiple views from a neutral standpoint’. View on Amazon




9) Discerning the Voice of God - How to Recognize When God Speaks by Priscilla Shirer

Voice Of God

This is the second book by Priscilla Shirer which we’ve included on our list; first published in 2007 this revised and expanded edition reflects the author’s spiritual growth through new stories, illustrations and exercises. The seven session program includes both leader tips and personal study directions and is supported by articles and insights by Dr. Tony Evans. There are videos available to accompany the study. View on Amazon



10) How to Study the Bible Intentionally by R. A. Torrey

How To Study The Bible Intentionally

Reuben Archer Torrey (1856-1928) was an American pastor, evangelist, educator and writer who traveled all over the world, leading evangelistic tours. This is a 128 page introduction to techniques for self study of the Bible. As such it is different from the other books in this list because it does not focus on analysis of the Scripture but rather on equipping an individual with the analytical tools to study the Bible themselves. The other distinguishing feature of this text is that it is now over a hundred years old, however, don’t let that put you off, it has garnered hundreds of five star reviews and you can download it to your kindle for a very modest price. View on Amazon




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