5 Signs of the Holy Spirit in You

Signs of the Holy Spirit in You

God sent His Spirit to transform our hearts and make us more Christ-like 🕊️. 

He knew that we needed help in living a righteous life that pleases Him. Without God’s help, we are unable to live the kind of life that God desires for us to have. As believers of Jesus Christ, we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in us.

presence of the holy spirit

“...the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you.” John 14:17

5 Signs You Have The Holy Spirit In You

Since the Holy Spirit lives in us, our lives should show signs that He lives in us and is actively at work in our hearts ❤️. 

In this article, we will look at five signs of the Holy Spirit in a believer. For those looking for a deeper understanding of the ways of the Holy Spirit, we recommend reading The Holy Spirit In You by Derek Prince

1) Transformation

The Holy Spirit works in us and helps us mature as believers, and brings about the transformation of our hearts and minds.

Titus 3:4-6 says,
“But when the kindness and the love of God our Savior toward man appeared, not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior.”


Having the Holy Spirit regenerates our spirit, and we become a new creation.

We undergo a complete transformation at the spirit level and this causes our behavior to change. The world believes in improving yourself and becoming a better person, but the Holy Spirit turns you into a completely new being 🧖‍♂️. 

When you are transformed, others notice the change in you. That is why when someone gets saved, others can see a difference in them, though they may not know what caused the change. A person with the Holy Spirit in them, will be like a new person.

holy cross

We are always looking for how to become better people, but God wants us to be totally new people who reflect His glory.

2) Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit

One sign that you have received the holy spirit is the presence of the fruit of the Spirit.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.”
Galatians 5:22-23

fruit of the spirit

The more time we spend with God, we grow in love, joy, peace, and the other fruit listed in this Scripture. When you see someone grow in the fruit of the Spirit, then you know that they have allowed God to work in their hearts.

The journey of salvation is lifelong, and it takes time for the fruit to fully manifest in our lives. Sometimes you will find that you are not as joyful or kind as you should be, and you can pray and ask God to help you 🙏🏻. 


Growth takes time, and you can be patient with yourself as you grow in the fruit of the Spirit. When you have the fruit of the Spirit manifesting in you, you will notice that you do not act the way you do before you got saved.

If your joy and happiness came from outside sources, it now comes from the inside.

Whenever you want to check whether you are growing in the fruit of the Spirit, you can go through each of them and ask yourself if you are manifesting them in your life.

3) The Leading of the Holy Spirit

With the Holy Spirit living in us, we can follow His leading as we go about our daily lives.

Signs of the holy spirit presence are found in a person who will talk about how God is speaking to them and giving them direction or instructions for every step they take. God wants us to follow the voice of His Spirit.

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.”
Romans 8:14

Romans 8:14

When a believer is led by the Holy Spirit, they will obey God’s Word, and go in the direction that He wants them to go. God speaks to us in our hearts and shows us the way we are to go 🧭. 

When you don’t know what to do in a given situation, you can ask the Holy Spirit and He will give you the solution. You will make fewer mistakes in life when you make it a habit to listen to what God wants you to do.

Many times we want to know the will of God for our lives and the only way we can is by listening to His Spirit.

leading of the holy spirit

We can commit to obeying the things that God wants us to do in life so that we can live a righteous life that honors Him. During our quiet moments, we can hear the Holy Spirit speak to us and tell us what is in His heart 💗. 

We can make decisions that lead to life when we make them with God as our source of wisdom and discernment.

4) Speaking in Tongues

Signs of being filled with the holy spirit is the evidence of speaking in tongues.

After salvation, a believer can be baptized in the Holy Spirit and they will speak in tongues.

“And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.”
Acts 2:4

Acts 2:4

When Jesus had returned to heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit who infilled those who were praying in the upper room. They began to speak in tongues as evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said that those who believe in Him will speak in new tongues. “And these signs will follow those who believe: 

"In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues”
Mark 16:17

As believers, we can speak in tongues when we are baptized in the Holy Spirit. Not speaking in tongues does not mean that a person is not saved, they are, only that they have not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

5) Testing the Spirits

Sign for Holy Spirit is in a person who professes Christ is not readily accepting any doctrine they hear out there ✊🏻. 

They test the spirits by which people speak and act, and turn to the word of God to confirm the truth.

testing the spirit

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”
1 John 4:1

One with the Holy Spirit in them will quickly discern false prophets and teachers. They are convicted when they hear teachings that sound spiritual but are not from God. They have learned to confirm what they hear with the Word of God.

The only way to know the truth is to read and meditate on the Bible and understand God’s commands 📜. 

This is how you guard yourself against deception and hold on to the truth. When you see others falling away from the faith, it is likely that they believed a lie about God and His Word.

If we are going to hold on to our faith, we need to have the truth in our hearts always.


The above are only five signs of presence of Holy Spirit in a person. You can ask God to show you more as you have your quiet time with Him.

To always be filled with the Holy Spirit, you can give Him more room in your heart so that He can do a great work in you.

God accomplishes His work on earth through the Holy Spirit and also renews our hearts through the same Spirit. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you become more godly and live a righteous life.

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Testing the Spirits

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love like jesus


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  • Alicia Casaldo on

    This is very interesting topic.I love reading about the holy spirit because I really believe that the spirit of God works in mysterious ways,🙏

  • James on

    Knowledge and wisdom comes from God .He says ask and you will be given .so stay in Him and you will get your fruits.Am kenyan

  • Caroline Gee on


  • David on

    I was injured the last week of 2021. My left wrist was unusable. After a month i felt no better , i began to pray for relief as i lay in pain before bed . I live alone.
    Last night i was shocked awake at 3am. I sat right up, i wasnt alone. I felt the holy spirit. i felt something touch my hands.
    Only one was hurt but i felt the same thing in both hands. It was warm. What was going on i thought, a dream. Groggy and feeling like i was dreaming i got up and paced the house room to room.
    My hands began to itch, like all over but just my hands. I had to get a stiff brush to scrub them , my nails scratching did nothing. I thought i was loosing it. The itching felt like a scab thats healing kind of itch. My hands have no wounds.
    The itching went away like it came and i fell back to sleep. When i awoke the next am my injured wrist was different.
    The severe knife like pain was now soreness . I feel the sincere devotion to the lord was the basis for this encounter and it never felt like that before or after that moment. I dont have allergies. I have no earthly explanation other than blessing of the the holy spirit. What plan he has for me requires both hands.
    I wanted to share this story.

  • Gibson ndlovu on

    I’m a believer I leave in zambia I love reading the word of God I really need prayers and your support thank you

  • Douglas Muller on

    “As believers, we can speak in tongues when we are baptized in the Holy Spirit. Not speaking in tongues does not mean that a person is not saved, they are, only that they have not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.”
    John 3:5 contradicts your understanding and declares your comment false. You cannot be saved and not have the Holy Spirit.

  • Meme on

    God called to me when I was in my early 20s TWICE. Via a random letter that came from a church I didn’t even go to. (The letter was so short all it said was “Somebody in this house needs Jesus”) and through a woman that kept coming to my front door and studying with me. That’s how the seed got planted. I also literally felt Jesus presence right next to me one night when I was fed up with Life!! “I wasn’t ready to be godly” those were the words in my head I’ll never forget. I was young beautiful and had the video vixen mindset but my life was in complete shambles. Over time however I still remained very interested in Gods Word and went to church on rare occasions. But I was living like a worldly person. As we believers know pain and suffering bring us closer to God. I needed more pain, after a few more years I realized that I need God. I want his Peace and Love. The plant was officially watered when a friend gave me a copy of the NLT Bible then I got pregnant. I stayed home reading allll the time. I was living buck wild running the streets right before this. I never stayed home or always had people over. But this time Gods word dwelled in me. It was perfect timing. Now my life has changed. I own a car, have a nice cozy apartment, I’m drama free, i don’t find myself around people and situations that are no good for, I have an inner peace, I can tell when someone is no good for me early on, and more importantly I have Gods favor, Jesus Christ is my savior and I truly believe in him, I came here to confirm that I have the Holy Spirit and YESSSS I do based on what I read. In fact I believe God sent me straight to this article to verify what I was reading in the scripture. I can now face things in life in peace and I Love everything God did for me. I want to show my appreciation by Glorifying him and Publicly worshiping him and Jesus. God is so Good and worth every last drop of our time.

  • Greenland Academy on

    Blessed by your message. God bless you and continue to use you for greater things and works.

    In Him
    Arthur Joseph Kabila.

  • James Rucker on

    This story happened to me about 8 years ago and is somewhat confusing for most to understand.
    My comment is about how God’s spirits communicates with me.
    My awakening started after I saved a child from turning into a gay because he was victim of a sexual in counter with a older boy when this happen and I found out about it much later after it happened when my wife told me that no one was helping him and as soon as I heard about it God told me I to help but his parents didn’t want my help but I was persistent and quiet awhile past and I finally got my chance to help him it took a few weekends to help him but the whole time I was being told what to do in my head by God and when you help 1 child that starts a domino affect because helping out just 2 person saves many lives from turning into monsters.
    After doing this I went back to my regular life and it was not long after that my life started falling apart it had a lot to do with finances and 1 late night I had enough it was around 3am in the morning l went out side and saw Orion’s Belt in the sky and I started praying now just to make clear I have never prayed like this in my life and I was not going to Church.
    This is what I said when I prayed(God take me off this planet I don’t want to live here anymore) This is what happened(My head turned to the right and I spoke a language that I could not understand it was just a small sentence) Now I have always wondered if God was real and like most people we need proof well I got mine and I am 100% sure it was because I helped a child from becoming a monster and I know this because I know me and if I was God I not help someone like me now don’t get me wrong I am not a criminal I am a cusser and say things I should not. What happened that night change me forever my family has not had any bad issues with not having money to pay bills and not only did God show me he is real he also implanted 3 lights in my right eye and for a while I was confused I looked up information about lights in eyes and what I found out was there are lights seen in eyes and they are called floaters and it is a medical condition because they float around randomly WELL my lights don’t do that they actually have a purpose they actually communicate with me at 1st they started out as only 3 of them now I have 4 of them I will explain how the 4th later.It took me a few months to figure out how they communicate with me and this is how it works I think something in my head and if the answers is yes 1 or more of the lights will come down from right side of my pupil travel around to the bottom of my pupil and go left straight towards my nose and most of the time it disappears at my nose if the spirit lights are making a very strong point the spirit light will even travel right into my left eye NOW medical lights (floaters) don’t travel between both eyes all the more reason I know I have spirits inside my head. I spoke of a 4th light Now moving forward 6 years I was sitting on my couch and it was very late at night and I was watching YouTube and all of a sudden I see this ORB passing in front of me from left to right and it stopped as I was looking at it it all of a sudden came right at me and entered my temple I felt it enter my temple and I saw it as a bright light pass from my left eye to my right eye and disappeared and I didn’t see it after that I would see the other 3 spirit lights but not the 4th until I started questioning in my head if it was
    still there and all of a sudden I see 4 spirit lights traveling across my eyes.
    So all in all God is 100% real and spirits are real so is there any other believes out there that can relate to what I said.

  • Michelle Richardson on

    Grace & Peace Beautiful People. I jus wanted to share a little bit about how I feel about our “God Almighty”. God is my “Everything and I am nothing without Him and I can do nothing without Him. I always thank God for being filled with His Precious Spirit. He loves us on a level that we will never be able understand. We know God loves us but we will never be able to process The Depths of His Love. That blows my mind every time. God bless you all🙏🏾♥️🕊

  • Beverley Dudley on

    When the spirit of truth he speak expressively and I do not agree that we have to speak in tongues.For that is one of the gifts of the spirit and not the fruit. All will not receive the same gift. And tongue is speaking a different language. Acts 2:6-8 pls read these verses❤

  • Michelle on

    The Holy Spirit will lead us and guide through the Love of God our Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Grant on

    The reason i asked was because i want to serve the LORD in truth and with my hole heart. Because i have seen people who got saved but is still living like the world i dont understand that. For i want to be a loyal servant to JESUS all my life

  • Daniel Williams on

    Powerful message love it

  • Maria Esther on

    God be with you

  • Gloria Robinson on

    I’m very interested in the right way to fast for 21 days I love God want to serve Him in spirit and in truth

  • James Morris on

    I didn’t mean the spirit will not profit nothing , because we will . It’s for profiting for all. I was trying to say if we disire or want, it wouldn’t matter cause God has patients and on his time only. One of my prayers answered 6 months later . 2-3yrs after baptism before he put a new spirit within me. It’s all GOD

  • James Morris on

    Tawanna your right to profit with all.with the spirit

  • Tawanna on

    PLEASE READ 1 Corinthians 12: 7-11. There are various gifts that God distributes as “He wills.”

  • James Morris on

    The apostles said that they do prayer with supplication always. Supplication is this, falling on your face or to your knees. We should praise God everyday for all things. Pray as much as you are in need of and the compassion you give to others by prayer. Apostle s all so say with Thanksgiving which is hardly done. In which you give a gift, it has for the reciever who recieveth it into there blessing. Put off vibes by your actions which is always for good,happily ,joy,love,charity, and one with rightiousness, also when one prays in supplication the thanks giving is your prayer for another. To do a whole prayer with the whole law it is proper. Now for Jesus to interses anm make them perfect by being our mediator between us and God.

  • Argentina Senda on

    i have found peace in my heart as
    i ready the God message today thanks so much

  • James Morris on
    Ok I showed much love by doing and helping the one that was giving the commandment. While reading scripture a message came to me putting this knowledge in my by my thoughts give in strong feeling ,I was to be on this mission with Sandra for 7 yrs I will be her servent ,now during this seven yrs is when GOD did all his miracles around and to me. I got baptized at 41 for the first time by doing this commandment by my best way. I automaticly new some how but I then didn’t know much of the holy law. After our baptizem of me and her and herkining to the lord with her ,it was about year 3 or4 when the purdge of spiritual water went threw me to put the one inside of me that I even seen him also. So Now 11yrs and five months later recently I’ve felt more of my response ability and leads me in truth that now I have feeling now my mission was completed by her death. 4 yrs now on my own with no income in my life for I’m the poor in this life but by God I am content which I have a apt. Food.the bible threw charity I have live like the disciples did. I have no transportation but need to do all of gods will to now I’ve muted more ,I and us must bring forth good fruits being telling and teaching the law of the trinity with every word and is the gospel of peace threw Jesus and obeying God in his laws in old testament the way he molds you to be. Here’s is my problem, I must start a church which will be gods in this perfect manner leaving out nothing of this law even doing the act of footwashing to even showing remembrents to the woman that gave Jesus anioting of fine oil for his burial. Jesus t said to do this with the one inside of me in truth I seek I do see that alot of churches are not doing all things in every holy word. For my poverty holds me back from getting established to a church status and make believers . For I do hold the real testimony for Jesus Christ that must keep sharing to all. God has not spoke to me now in three yrs when he told me to go help a woman and now seeing my second mission is coming to a end. Waiting for him to tell me my next mission coming soon but waiting with patients that I was given that God has. I just feel that since God gave me a life like Ive had great times I must show love directly to him by starting his church. I need much help from all people to do this but here I find everyone with little faith. By even me edifying to a church no one believes my truth I tell of his great mirracals I’ve seen and changed me by touching me with holy power. By God keeping me hidden from the world. I secretly pray for and say blessings to as many that I can,by doing all good works in my life. Now to all those who reads this I say I bless you by the spirit God put in me and both of us say,I bless you to receive this, love,joy,meekness,peace ,gentleness ,kindness,goodness,faithfulness,self control,knowledge of the truth,patients,happiness,long suffering virtue,opportunity which I feel I have in me so recieve these and mold yourself to be all these because that what God make me to have,so I freely was given I freely give
  • James Morris on

    I would like to explain how I got to the point where I seen the 3 mirracals feel and seen was told

  • James Morris on

    I don’t understand all these people with unknowledgeable speaking not knowing of this real truth. For one no one should ever feel unworthy by not getting the baptizem of the spirit, if you feel like you need for getting closer to GOD or JESUS well this is not needed for that reason at all and believe this truth you hear. For GOD has put a spirit within me and I did see this with mine own eyes and I also made salvation with sanctification and the spirit in leads me in truth in all things so listen up. It’s is not rightious of one to desire this at all for it will profit one nothing it defiantly won’t bring you spiritually higher now there are only two ways that anyone should need it which is one needing healing of the body which should be a deathly needing. Second if one knows that there is a evil spirit dwellith in them which makes them do harm into thyself or maketh you sin horrible. Now I say if one does recieveth the holy spirit on high then it will only stay in you for a short period of time like 15 minutes this time of age it’s the way it’s way it’s always going to be. See the apostles kept it with them for a long time because JESUS put it apon them for the mission that needed to completed which took many years. They were the last one to keep it long term like this.does everyone understand what I’m saying. If one believes me not the truth which I sayith from my gift of the spirit of truth that dewlith in me from GOD himself. Do if you believe not this truth then the truth is not in you. So let us not disire things that profit us nothing which instead focus on the most important thing that is herkin into the lord GOD dilagently comtinuasly

  • Lasonja Kolawole on

    This teaching was Awesome. Thank you for allowing God to use you to share about our Helper. ❤

  • James Morris on
    Besides me having the spirit in me and feel it. A white face in which that’s all it was floating in front of me showing that it was very healthy looking and pure solid white just staring into my eyes and I started in there’s. They had a deep look on its face with seriousness and like a transhipnotizing with love which looked as it was reading my soul threw my eyes. It showed to appear purity. Then I showed some fear by pulling back away from this holy creature then it moved so fast I did not even see a blure it just vanished because it was so fast and silent. This was my first holy experience. Then God told me that he was to meet with me.then he was to act immediately and started putting threw me that looked like spiritual water from back to front and was very very thick and a large amounts for ten minutes, for this is when he put his spirit in me and still feel it today with strong pull that always leads me to the truth in all ways of life expectancy when I read the holy scriptures. I’m told things which is real to me in my life and does come true and always scripture that is close to my meaning to my life and hidden meanings of some scripture with two or more clear views in one statement of GODS holy words. Then last in my silence meditating I had JESUS walk strait out of me holding his hands and arms strait out showing his authority going to these two twin male albinos having talk with them. I think it was about my situation and fastly he nealed down and was going to be lashed but first he took off his long body covering cloak and I told him it was my sins but he talked to me tellapathicly in my head saying this. You don’t understand, I have to bleed in order to wash away sins. Do he got lashed on his back left shoulder, then he drew me into him closely and had one drop of blood on his finger then put it very close to my face. That’s when I went black and was knocked out cold by the power of his blood. That is when I shortly woke up and he was gone but left me outside my body looking at myself withinforsomuch I was seeing one inside of me with now my hearing was taken away with no control of my body with this my female friend Which is dead now by stroke. They were having conversation that I was not to know any thing of shortly I just popped into my self.that was all of my expierances with my Lord’s miracles. All in all he showed me that in the 3 together I understand he gave me salvation with sanctification giving me a real feeling I will see him in GODS kingdom when it’s my time,but I must make him good fruits by me. Faith is nothing and dead without good works. Bless you all that read this from the one that is in me to all of you directly into your lifes right now.my spirit blessed you all . AMEN
  • James Morris on
    As I was saying the spiritual water was coming out my stomach area so thick it turned into a white smoke turning counter clock wise and this was my meeting with GOD which he gave me a two months notice and said be clean as every hair on your body shaven and when I asked what exactly did you do for me that night and I opened up the holy Bible and pointed to EZEKIEL 36 25 and said Then I will sprinkle clean water on you ,and you shall be clean I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols. I will give you a new heart and put a spirit within you ,I will take your heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put my spirit within you and will cause you to walk in my STATUTES and you will keep my judgments and do them. For I did feel that very way in which I now I feel the pull of the truth that the spirit tells me when I read the scriptures of his holy words and knowing and feeling all knowing about what I read clearly and òther feeling I pick up behind the what’s it’s saying which matches to truth that is happening for real in my life. It just draws me to know the truth
  • James Morris on

    I have read many of these testimonies for it is not the Christian way to leave out any word or turned around any word when telling scriptures which is holy or negative sayings about any teaching that the ministers are doing cause they are bring in good fruits to the lord that does see. I’ve seen GODs holy power that once it was moving threw me as it appeared to be spiritual water from my back to going out my body in front of me and disappeared about two feet in front of me for ten minutes. Being so thick that my stomach area it was coming out

  • James Morris on

    When I can tell when one is not filled with the spirit is when I speak the truth of holy scriptures,they say I’m wrong or don’t believe me,which means they don’t have the truth in them so they don’t have spirit as well.

  • Burgula Benjamin on

    Wonderful blessing of Recognition of Holy spirit God in our life with notable signs thanks .burgula Benjamin

  • Willie Pieters on

    Thank you for helping me to identify people who has the Holy Sprit within them, or not.
    Now I can spend time with a people who do not have the Holy Spirit and guide them to accept Jesus and receive the Holy Spirit.

  • Pc reji on

    I coul learn more about the holy spirit

  • pam simmons on

    thank you so much for sharing…P.S.

  • Manhar khristi on

    We learn brotherly love

  • Monica Ballard on

    This message of God’s miracle blessed me indeed!!The LORD JESUS truly knows that I fully believe that our GOD, had All Power in the Mighty name of JESUS CHRIST YESHUA LORD Saviour!! To GOD be the GLORY forever and Amen!!

  • Jewell on

    I am the 144th comment

  • Anthony Lucero on

    Who is the one that baptize us in the holly spirit,and when?ir do we ask God to Baptize us in his holly spirit?

  • Glenn Lew on

    As I’m living a life with true blessings from GOD. ; I find the world at a disbelief. So I will try to explain this the best I can .
    Let’s start with the first blessing , because it’s a doozy . At the age of seven I heard GODS voice as he spoke to me for sveral days . Each day I would go to my kitchen window and look up at the cumulus clouds and a voice would come to me from above my head and a couple feet on front of me . He called himself Johneddy or at least that was what I thought he said . In the last conversation we had , ( he told me that I would no longer hear his voice verbally ; also that there will be a time im my life that I will find to be a difficult time as I will be harmed and I will call it a torchering . You will think you will die , but you will not for I am with you . You will not recognize me for 40 years . )
    My two older sisters would tease me. , saying Johneddy wear are you ; as they would hear me calling out to Johneddy . Well. , because my sisters teased me , I decided to never talk about my experience with GOD to anyone .As the years past so did the thought of my experience . Now I never forgot what happened , but never connected with GOD either untill at the age of fourty seven when I had a kidney stone which would brind me to the hospital . Then they recommend a urologist which turned into my tourcherer . He put me in surgery and placed a stent in my kidney to my bladder . It was suppose to be in me for four days . I was urinating pure blood into a bag along side my leg . The doctor never would take the stent out of me . Instead he put me in another surgery . This time he punctured holes in my ureter. I was urinating pure blood for ten weeks . I wound up in the emergency rolm where the doctor on call couldn’t believe what he was seeing . When he heard how long I was urinating pure blood for , he told me I should be dead . There’s no way I could have lost that much blood without going into shock and dying . But yet hear I was ; in excruciating pain but still alive . The stent was in me for six months . I was stuck ; no other doctor would touch me and I searched the state for one . I was being told that the doctor that did thos to me is responsible for placinf a foreign object in me and they wouldn’t touch me . I lost so much weight through these month’s and I became a skeleton with a green color in my face . Not one person helped me . Not the thirty year friends would even feed me a burger . I was starving and couldn’t possibly work . I tried going to a family resource center but never made it as I collapsed in the parking lot . I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance . Seven hours later I was released to go home and die in my house as I didn’t have insurance . I have witnessed the cruelty in this world as it’s mostly based on money . So here it was , now at home , I was stairing at a new prescription of fourty oxycodones . My thought was to take all of them and end this nightmare figuring my body was shutting down anyway . As I went to take the first one I felt GOD place his hand on my head and found myself praying in my lap .Praying for the first time in my life . As I raised my head up I reached up with my arms asking GOD to give me guidance and direction out of this mess . This took place on a friday and I really didn’t thonk I’d make it through the weekend as I was sucking in wind for my last breath which they call fish mouth but Mpnday came and I was still alive . My sweetheart at the time helped me in my truck and we went for an aimless drive looking for help . I wound up at a First baptist church . When I entered with the help of my sweetheart , there was a bald man standing there and he told me the way you look I can see you can’t make it up the stairs . I want you to go in the elevator andthey will help you . When the elevator doors opened the head pastors father was standing there to greet me . He placed me on a sofa and hos receptionist gathered in front of me asking how this came about as they were looking at death . My head was down and I was crying and then I looked up at them and they were glowing like you’d see in a movie . I told them I see something beautiful , your glowing . The recptionist pointed to her heart and said that’s the Lord your seeing . I told them that that’s what I want and they told me I would have to accept Christ . Well , this Jew didn’t dven hesitate . Then they brought me down to the alter and prayed four prayers wispering into my ear . But it sounding loud as a bullhorn . It was real ; GOD is real !! And the four prayers were answered one each day for the next four days and they were all miracles . They prayed I would get a new doctor and would be healed rapidly . On the second day I received a call from a doctor telling me to come see him and he’ll help me . He placed an ultra sound to my side and jumped back three feet and looked up at the ceiling shaking and told me he had been in that office for thirty years and never seen anything like this . My kidney was swelled up like a balloon . He then took a scopeand entered it into my urinary tract and stopped and asked how did I get so much damage as my urinary tract was shredded . He then placed a wire through the scope to get past the damage and remove the stent . He got the stent out in one minute . He gave me two weeks worth of leviquin . Two weeks later I went to his office . I was still skinny as a bone , but I felt like an eight year old . This time he checked to see how I was and he couldn’t find any damage . The doctor told me that he couldn’t believe what he was seeing . He told me two weeks ago my urinary tract was shredded and I was going to be on a dialysis machine for rest of my life and now je couldn’t find any damage in me . It’s a miracle ; my damge had disappeared . I joind the church and three months i to it I asked for Baptism .In my baptism. , I had an amazing experience . When they first lowered into the water my eyes just started to zip back and forth and scenes were coming at me from the left above . That went on for a while and then I found myself in the water , it was so tranquil. Peacefull . And I asked myself , how long can I hold my breath for as I’m under this water for a long time. Then when they raised me . I never felt the raising .It was the holy water that snapped me back in . As I looked upon the congregation I felt a. Wall of love .GOD gave confirmation to me that he’s real. GOD IS REAL !!

  • Tom Nila on

    Power full message..god bless you..i love to read that.i want more fruit of spirit to be manifested in my life amen.

  • Evangelist Peter Okorie on

    I’m always in need of Christian literature to share to my listeners after preaching to keep them close to God that their faith in God might grow through studying God’s word. Could u pls do me a favour by sending Christian literature to me for the kingdom sake, God will be the one to pay u back, thank u and God bless U.

  • Christiana Effiong on

    I’m such a big mess right now. I love God, buh I wish to love him more and deeper. At every passing day,I feel so drown away from him. I pray,go to church, read my Bible,buh everything seems to become sour all of a sudden. The love for God and his things suddenly seems to fade away. I literally struggle to pray everyday.
    I feel more like an hypocrite, having this form of godliness buh denying the power thereof.
    Seraphina Takyi, I’m encouraged by your testimony. If only I could equally have an encounter just like yours that could transform my life forever,I think I would be better.
    Sorry mine isn’t really a testimony, it’s a cry out for help from the holy Spirit.

  • Eric Hall on


  • Eric Hall on

    Since I was a little boy I have always feared the LORD.i grew up my whole life wondering if I was saved. I had many a preacher stand me in front of the church and tell everyone that I was saved and had recieved the holy ghost, but I didnt feel like it. I felt like the preacher had just got me tongue tied by having me say the same thing over and over and over…I just didnt feel like I had been touched by GOD because i had heard my mother speak in tongues many times while she would stay by herself in back room fasting and praying during tough times in our life. I was raised Pentecostal so i thought that if I didn’t speak in tongues then i would go 2 hell..very scary4 a young boy.especially with all the nightmares and torment from satan.My father,who i had never met was a truck driver. In one of my1st dreams I was playing in house and I heard an 18 wheeler pull up. I just knew I was gonna meet my dad so I went and pulled down on the blinds but instead of my dad it was satan with his eye right up 2 the glass where mine was. He was laughing and beating on glass forever but he never got 2 me.maybe 2 years later while dreaming..I was sitting at table by
    the kitchen window. This time he had gotten bigger and started beating on the window with a huge sledge hammer and laughing so loud. I just knew it was gonna break.he kept saying,I’m gonna get u..once again ,he couldn’t break the glass. Like I said,i had noticed that he had gotten bigger than 1st time.kinda like he was aging and growing with me. Very scary..trust me..I can talk about the dreams and other later.my mother was a bad alcoholic and made some rash decisions. 4 some reason when I was 12 she said that i couldn’t live there anymore that she was calling my father2 get me
    .didnt know what 2do cuz we was always poor and my bros and sisters was all I knew..not 2 mention that she had been telling me that he ran off on us my whole life and didnt know where he was. Anyway he ended up showing up in bout 30 minutes so now I was really alone with people I didnt know. That’s when i started fighting at school and smoking. All bad stuff…things just got worse as they went.by the time I was 15 years old I was.living homeless and starving to death..but all that time I was still worried about me being saved by GOD. I finally ended up in an apt. with a bunch of dudes getting high and stuff all the time..one night this stranger pulls up and has on tons of gold jewelry. He looked rich. That was 20 years ago and I bet I could still identity that guy. It was JUST weird. but he wanted some crack cocaine and I was the only one who could find any even though I knew nothing about it so i went and got him some and we.all smoked it..then he wanted 2 go back and get.more..we did that all night til bout 430 then he just left like he showed up…needless 2 say i woke up later than my brother and all my friends a d i felt so guilty..they were all having a great time playing that old Tony hawk 2 skateboarding. I eased out of room and into bathroom without them noticing so i could get a shower plus I didnt feel happy like them.idk..HERES THE REAL DEAL though…I told u I felt bad but when I turned around and saw what I looked like in the mirror It scared me..i guess GOD gave me
    A moment of reality but I AM TELLING THE TRUTH. All I said.wasLORD PLEASE FORGIVE ME and I only said it once but as soon as I said it I started feeling like someone was watching me and it kept getting stronger. I tried to play it off and turn on shower. By then it was all in the room and around me.by the time I got in the shower I was scared cuz I never felt nothing so powerful before so I tried to say LORD forgive me again but as soon as I opened my mouth I felt that spirit enter my body and I automatically started talking another language so perfect like it was my reg. Language..and the feeling of power just kept getting stronger. I was so happy cuz I knew it was GOD and I was finally speaking in tongues 4real this time.its crazy cuz I’m so country that my voice is hard 2 hear but this mother language I was talking made me sound completely different. Like I said..I was so happy cuz it was finally happening but then I noticed that my happiness started getting scared because his power just kept building more and more with no plan on stopping. I was still speaking this language I had never heard but I couldn’t take all of that power.its like I could have picked up a car in 1. Hand and threw it for miles..before I knew it I was trying to tell GOD that I couldn’t handle anymore but i kept speaking and fell in tub In fetal position and continued crying and speaking that language for bout 10 or 15 mins…then the holy ghost left the room the same as it came in..I just played there 4 about 20 minutes crying after that but that’s when i knew that i had been touched by the real holy ghost. My whole life I had tried everything in my prayers and at church with no results. And I got saved and touched by GOD by saying one sentence from my heart and really from my heart..I promise u if he would have gave me anymore that I would have exploded or transformed..BEST DAY OF MY LIFE..Thank you GOD..THANK U JESUS. then I got dressed and walked into living room with the others and I didn’t tell anybody. But I could.see things differently. And every since then I. Have not been able to enjoy bad things..THERE IS SO MUCH MORE I COULD TELL U BOUT THAT DAY AND OTHER STUFF ..tried 2 keep short.GOD IS REAL!

  • Reginald Jones on

    I had 3 outer body experiences and the third one I was touched by an Angel God is good All the time in my life

  • Angela nancarrow on

    Hi there I would love to chat to god loving individuals about god and the wonderful works he is doing in their lives god bless Angela

  • Dandy from Nigeria on

    So great when I got my encounter with the Lord 7 years ago I was baptized with the holy spirit but most of the fruit of the spirit that was manifested are going off in me why

  • Mercy on

    message Am so much desiring more of the spiritual gift.Through daily studing and meditation on his word i had encountered with the lord. Glroy be tothe lord.

  • Ojute on

    Am so filled with this wonderful revelation. God please release upon me the spirit of truth and knowledge in order to learn you more.

  • Seraphina Takyi on

    Hallelujah praise the Lord oh my soul. Omg what a beautiful day it has been for me. I had the Holy Spirit baptism on my birthday 20/11/21 on Saturday morning around 7am. I was praying and worshiping him then all of a sudden I fell on the floor trembling and speaking foreign language in tears. And it lasted for about 15mins. I felt so light, peaceful, contented, happy and joyful after. I saw beautiful birds flying around my window after and saw a blue ring inside the morning sun. And black ring partially inside the sun and partially out of the sun with white patterns around the sun. It’s a mysterious moment for me.. i feel so blessed to have this beautiful encounter with GOD..

    So it all started when I had an encounter with God that shake my Christian foundation. So I started seeking him strongly. I have been on a salvation journey with the Lord, I was seeking Him with all my heart. It was quite challenging but at the same time a beautiful journey. Each day I have different encounters with Him. The one that marvels me the most before my Holy Spirit baptism was on the 16/11/21 I had an encounter with him at a cafe. He came to me in a form of a beautiful butterfly when I was reading the Bible in John 1 and exactly 4pm before sunset I saw the Holy Spirit. Same time as scripture says. I felt so peaceful, happy, joyful and wholesome. The feeling I have never felt in my entire life. The feeling the world cannot give. I was startled. Then on 17/11/21 after my prayers and worship, took my shower to start the day, suddenly my washroom pipe broke and water filled my whole apartment. I was like what is happening, it was surreal, I then called my sister and told her what was happening to me. The water filled my washroom but partially filled my bedroom, kitchen, living room. And mostly my alter where I pray. My sister told me is a symbolic which means purification. After that day I had so many other beautiful mind blowing encounters with the Lord. Then today 20/11/21 He baptized me with the holy spirit of speaking in tongues. The best gift I ever had on my birthday in my entire life. Hallelujah praises and honor be to His Holy Name. I’m super excited and happy. My heart is full with eternal peace and happiness. Brethren please God is real and so loving and merciful. All he wants from us is our hearts, to surrender to his authority and when you seek him in truth with your whole heart you’ll find him. His promises to us are true. God is faithful and ready to bless us exceedingly and abundantly. Give your life to Him and you won’t regret it never!!!..
    This is my testimony. God bless you all. Amen

  • Tracy on

    I happy to see u , am a born again too, I would like to be friends

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